About me

Hello, my name is Riley!

I'm 20 years old and I'm interested in computer science, music production, mathematics, and more. This is my website, where you can find links to all my projects.

Check out my YouTube and SoundCloud for some awesome content!


My newest EP, Home Studio Science, is now available! Check it out on my soundcloud and download it here for free!

       Download Home Studio Science (2017)


















Check out some cool patches I made for Massive Native Instruments. I mentioned these in my reverse engineering video, and here they are as promised. 

I hope you will use these to increase your understanding of the Massive plugin. Try playing with these sounds and reverse engineering them, and then try to replicate them. I plan to post a lot of other downloadable content here (like  more free patches and project files) so stay tuned!

Here's the download!




Somnium EP




















Apparatus EP